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… Grant her access to the Dutch jazz world that is as wide as. possible. 

It certainly is justified.

Miss West is a talent who easily outshines her Dutch jazz singing sisters. 


- TROUW, Amsterdam


On the cd THE VIEW, she demonstrates that she is a solid singer. Without using the volume of Shirley Bassey, the texture of Adrienne West’s voice from time to time reminds you of that famous singer.

- Noord Hollands Dagblad


 ... Adrienne West is above all a sublime voice, warm and deep. If it is necessary to compare her to a sister, it is it absolutely the great Shirley Bassey that she evokes irresistibly    


- La Tribune – Le Progres, Vichy, France


Our ideas about Adrienne are very clear:  she is a very good singer and her jazz vocalizing has an authentic style. Her voice is wide and full of feeling(also in her lower notes)…a very captivating feeling. Her vocal expression does not forget the experience and she doesn’t

confine herself to any models.

From her interpretations it is possible to feel many influences: classical to blues to Billie Holiday to “soul”and in the medium tempos, there is also a bit of Frank Sinatra. 

But everything is always very original.

Her personality, obviously, is deep, intense and sentimental. Adrienne gives her best when her music is arranged in a very vivacious, rhythmic and harmonically sophisticated way.


Mancotti – IL SECOLO XIX,

Genova, Italy


“The View”: Adrienne West is a perfect singer. She was classically trained when she was young - the founding stage of jazz voices of the last decades. Her  excellent mentors include Buddy Tate, Johnny Griffin, Benny Bailey. Clark Terry, Slide Hampton, Billy Cobham and many more. One can hardly have better training and more experience. 


 - Sunny Moon Jazz Reviews


"With love to Ella and Joe". A beautiful homage…The renowned duo of ELLA FITZGERALD and JOE PASS is one of the most important musical landmarks representing the beautiful relationship between the human voice and the guitar.  “With Love To Ella and Joe” is homage to the musical relationship between Fitzgerald and Pass, containing a repertoire of popular jazz standards as well as other great songs performed by the famous duo. With this CD the beautiful African-American voice of Adrienne West in combination with the masterful guitar playing of Italy’s Alessio Menconi, have created a musical journey dedicated to these two incredible musicians, recreating with great taste the intimate, swingin’ atmosphere so admired by Ella and Joe.  Making sure memories never die.  A fantastic duo takes us back and keeps us present.


- Grady Harp


Dot Time Records. With the Alessio Menconi. 

Really, how do you compete with those wonderful Fitzgerald/Pass recordings on Pablo even if they were late career records for both with the age spots showing?  You don’t.  But you can hunker down around the mic and show the love.  That’s what this duo does by the bushel.  With a set card of chestnuts the original duo did right by, this duo keeps it right in the pocket doing good by doing right.Tasty stuff for classic jazz vocal fans.

                                                          - Midwest Record Entertainment – Reviews, News and Views


Alessio Menconi matches Adrienne West’s lovely voice every step of the way, and I didn’t expect that at all.  Perhaps the point at which I became totally sold was the duo’s rendition of Love Dance where West’s silky intonations liquefy the listener on the spot. Face it y’all, this is where the women dominate in music ‘cause no male on the face of the earth could conjure up what Ella wrought with such ease and which West recreates in her own splendid way.  West is the very picture of decorous formalism while Menconi is oft a tour de force. Nonetheless, the harmony twixt the twain is of a singular quality, and I doubt this sort of thing will be done anywhere near as well any time soon.


  - Mark S. Tucker