So there you are, on your way and feeling confident about what you are wearing. You had to work hard to get to this moment. People glance with a smile as if reading your mind! You smile to yourself and think, WOW... I'M ACCOMPLISHING MY GOALS! C'mon, you've worked hard for this exact moment! Not for people "validation" but the moment that says, "I'm reaching my goal"!!

Maybe financially you've saved and saved for years to be able to apply for a house for you and your children.

In life, there can be difficult sacrifices that perhaps no one understands but you. Staying up late at night studying for that special job of your dreams or sorting out financial situations. The "Wish List" is something that we all would like to achieve...right? But let me share something with you. Right now, at this very minute, all of us are "in the moment and can celebrate" at least one thing about our individual selves. So why not celebrate?

Celebrating ourselves is not always buying the new car, the expensive shoes or material things that life seems to be based on these days. These things will fade away...

When your children or grandchildren teach YOU something special and then say, "GREAT, that was really cool" OR when you sincerely pay attention to what you are eating (ugh) so that your health improves...these are also CELEBRATIONS!

NOTE: Now we all know about those absolutely delicious but sabotaging MAGNUM products, so a "treat" every now and then would perhaps be ok...right?

OK...back to the "moment"...

The "moment" can be at anytime or at anyplace. The real "moment" is when YOU say, "I Love Me" and I'm working on me! I love that I am learning to relax...I am learning how to be a better person ...a better Mom...a better sister, co-worker, partner or wife! And while we're on the subject and very important: a better listener to each other because we are different but so much the same.

We all have something to work on, so celebrating ourselves becomes even more victorious when we achieve our goals!

Personally, I really needed to improve my skills of "listening" and I'm still working hard on this. I'm an "enthusiastic talker" so I love to talk! What I am learning is that when I am "in the moment" of conversation, I can better celebrate me by "listening closer to what is being said before I begin to speak!

Ladies, celebrate your beautiful "moments" of accomplishments - whatever they are ...big or small. CELEBRATION COMES FROM WITHIN... Only you know how much and how hard or how sincerely you have invested in yourself! Whatever you do...don't give up on you! No matter what it is that you are aiming to achieve, VICTORY could be just steps away!

You are a DIAMOND..

We are born...

We learn...

We grow...


Until next time "Diamonds": # WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR....AND WHO ARE THEY ANYWAY?

Hugzzzz & Blessings,